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Rachel Soper offered position at Cal State Channel Islands

Grad student Rachel Soper has been offered a job in the Sociology Department at Cal State Channel Islands. It’s a great fit — environmental sociology, community engagement, interdisciplinary programs.

Congrats Rachel!


Rawan Awar speaks on KPBS

Congratulations to Rawan Awar who recently spoke on KPBS television regarding the global refugee crisis.


Article by Tad Skotnicki and Prof. Jeff Haydu in Social Movement Studies

Congratulations to Tad Skotnicki and Jeff Haydu, whose article, “Three Layers of History in Recurrent Social
Movements: The Case of Food Reform” will be published in an upcoming issue of Social Movement Studies.

Tad was a recipient of one of the department’s Summer Research Grants a couple of summers ago. Thanks, Tad, for providing such a great demonstration of how that program works!

Dan Davis receives Kauffman Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

Grad student Dan Davis was informed that he has received a highly competitive dissertation fellowship from the Kauffman Foundation in support of his research on student technology incubators on university campuses.

This follows the great news that Dan (and his co-author Professor Amy Binder) have had two papers accepted, one on “Career Funneling” at elite universities (to appear in Sociology of Education, Nick Bloom also a co-author) and one called “Selling Students” about corporate partnership programs on college campuses (to appear in a special issue about higher education in Research in the Sociology of Organizations). All of this work examines in various ways the increasing corporatization of higher education. Congrats Dan.

Tad Skotnicki’s article accepted by Journal of Historical Sociology

Congrats to Tad Skotnicki (recent PhD) on his solo article accepted with the Journal of Historical Sociology. It is entitled “Consumer Senses and Commodity Fetishism: Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century Consumer Activism in the United States and England.”

Article by Laura Rogers published in Journal of Contemporary Ethnography

Laura Rogers’ solo authored article, “Helping the Helpless Help Themselves”: How Volunteers and Employees Create a Moral Identity While Sustaining Symbolic Boundaries within a Homeless Shelter” is now out on the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography website’s “online first” list. Congratulations, Laura!

Paper by Yao-tai Li published in Ethnic and Racial Studies

Yao-tai Li’ paper, “‘Playing’ at the Ethnic Boundary: Strategic Boundary Making/unmaking among Ethnic Chinese Groups in Australia,” has been published by Ethnic and Racial Studies.

The sociological literature has constructed a systematic typology of ‘modes’ and ‘means’ of strategic ethnic boundary making/unmaking. Through exploring different strategies, scholars illustrate the processes and contexts of boundary expansion or contraction. Other scholars also distinguish ethnic elements and ‘moral’ values attached to certain ethnicities but not to others. This paper acknowledges dynamic boundary making/unmaking and moral aspects of ethnicity, while exploring the different degrees to which national and pan-national identity nest within each other among ethnic Chinese groups, as well as how ethnic boundary becomes a field where people ‘play’ in their everyday interactions. Based on participant observations and in-depth interviews from two pan-Chinese worksites in Australia, the paper argues that different interpretations of ethnic identity as well as how different identities (national and pan-national) are nested give people room to ‘play’ at the ethnic boundary and result in different outcomes. This paper also shows that people can cross the ethnic boundary (between Taiwanese/Hong Kongese and PRC-Chinese) without expanding/contracting the existing categories or ‘repositioning/transvaluing’ their ethnic statuses.