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Project Paint featured in Union Tribune

The UT has recently published a feature on Project PAINT, the prison arts program founded and directed by Sociology alum and Miramar College professor Laura Pecenco, and fostering empathy:



Heidi Schneider selected for Bouchet Graduate Honor Society

Heidi Schneider has been selected to be a member of the UC San Diego Chapter of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society for 2016. This Graduate Division award goes to graduate students who exemplify Edward A. Bouchet: Character, Leadership, Advocacy, Service, and Scholarly Achievement.   As a member of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society Heidi will attend the 12th Annual Yale Bouchet Conference on Diversity in Graduate Education April 1-2, 201 at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences campus. New society members will be inducted into the society at the conference.


Michael Evans’ book published

Michael Evans, who received his Sociology and Science Studies Phd in 2012 has recently published his book,  Seeking Good Debate: Religion, Science, and Conflict in American Public Life.      Evans, Michael S. 2016.   Oakland: University of California Press.

Why do religion and science often appear in conflict in America’s public sphere? In Seeking Good Debate, Michael S. Evans examines the results from the first-ever study to combine large-scale empirical analysis of some of our foremost religion and science debates with in-depth research into what Americans actually want in the public sphere. The surprising finding is that apparent conflicts involving religion and science reflect a more fundamental conflict between media elites and ordinary Americans over what is good debate. For elite representatives, good debate advances an agenda, but, as Evans shows, for many Americans it is defined by engagement and deliberation. This hidden conflict over what constitutes debate’s proper role diminishes the possibility for science and religion to be discussed meaningfully in public life. Challenging our understanding of science, religion, and conflict, Seeking Good Debate raises profound questions about the future of the public sphere and American democracy.

It can be found on Amazon as well:

Emma Greeson receives NSF Dissertation Award

Graduate student Emma Greeson has received the NSF Dissertation Award.  The dissertation title is Valuation of Non-Standard Goods in the Global Economy.

Well done  Emma, and congratulations!

Natalie Aviles accepts post doctoral fellowship at Colby College

Natalie Aviles has accepted a post doctoral fellowship at Colby College to begin this Fall.  This is a new two-year program initiated by Neil Gross, former editor of Sociological Theory and sociologist of intellectuals, knowledge, culture, higher education, and politics.  Congratulations Natalie!

Jane Lilly-Lopez awarded UCMEXUS Dissertation Grant

The University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS) has awarded Jane Lilly-López a Dissertation Grant for her project “(Un)Authorized Love: U.S. Immigration Law and the Effects of Institutional (Dis)Approval on Mixed-Citizenship Families.”

Congratulations, Jane!

Dilara Yarbrough accepts job at San Francisco State

Congratulations to grad student Dilara Yarbrough, who has accepted a tenure-track job in the School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement at San Francisco State University!