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Professor Isaac Martin’s new book, Foreclosed America


Professor Isaac Martin’s new book, Foreclosed America (co-author Christopher Niedt), will be out from Stanford University Press in March.  For information click:  http://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=25837

Cover of Foreclosed America by Isaac Martin and Christopher Niedt

From 2007 to 2012, almost five percent of American adults—about ten million people—lost their homes because they could not make mortgage payments. The scale of this home mortgage crisis is unprecedented—and it’s not over. Foreclosures still displace more American homeowners every year than at any time before the twenty-first century. The dispossession and forced displacement of American families affects their health, educational success, and access to jobs. It continues to block any real recovery in the hardest-hit communities.

While we now know a lot about how this crisis affected the global economy, we still know very little about how it affected the people who lost their homes. Dispossessed America offers the first representative portrait of those people—who they are, how and where they live after losing their homes, and what they have to say about their finances, their neighborhoods, and American politics. It is a sobering picture of Americans down on their luck, and of a crisis that is testing American democracy.

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