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Angela Garcia receives dissertation grant from UC MEXUS

Grad student Angela Garcia has received a dissertation grant from UC MEXUS for her project, “Navigating Exclusion and Accommodation: Local Immigrant Policy and the Shaping of Incorporation.”

Congrats Angela!


Moira Mackinnon receives a full-time position at National University Tres de Febrero

 Recent Sociology graduate Dr. Moira Mackinnon, now a postdoctoral fellow at Tulane University, has just received a full-time position at the  Instituto de Estudios Historicos, Univ. Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires.  This is a research university with teaching load of  3 courses/year, which will give Moira time to continue her scholarship in addition to focusing on her students.

Congratulations, Moira!

Binder & Wood’s new book featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Professor Amy Binder & Kate Wood’s  new book, Becoming Right: How Campuses Shape Young Conservatives (Princeton University Press, 2012)  is featured in recent articles in  The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed.

The Chronicle of Higher Education article, in the form of an Interview with the authors, is here: http://forums.chronicle.com/article/Conservative-Styles-in-Campus/135958/#top   (Subscriber only, which means either on a campus computer or have a VPN connection to UCSD).

The Inside Higher Ed piece is here:  http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/12/04/new-book-says-campus-environment-plays-role-students-political-identities

Congratulations to Amy and Kate for this great coverage.


Prof. Madsen appointed director of UC-Fudan Center for Contemporary China

Professor Richard Madsen has been appointed  director of the newly established Fudan-UC Center for Contemporary China.  Located in Shanghai, Fudan University is one of China’s best universities, and this is the first time such a university has established a center for scholarly cooperation at a major American university.  The center’s offices are located in  IR/PS and we hope it will begin a new era for academic exchange between our two countries.

The UC-Fudan center will include a library of books and journals produced by faculty at Fudan and databases on Chinese society studies and economy. Planned activities will include regular lectures and research colloquia on China involving faculty from various UC campuses.

The inaugural public event of the new center will be a conference held December 3rd at UCSD  on Prospects for US-China Relations after the American elections and the Chinese 18th Party Congress.

For more information, go to http://irps.ucsd.edu/.

New book out by Professor Medvetz- Think Tanks in America

Over the past half-century, think tanks have become fixtures of American politics, supplying advice to presidents and policymakers, expert testimony on Capitol Hill, and convenient facts and figures to journalists and media specialists. But what are think tanks? Who funds them? And just how influential have they become?

In Think Tanks in America, Thomas Medvetz argues that the unsettling ambiguity of the think tank is less an accidental feature of its existence than the very key to its impact. By combining elements of more established sources of public knowledge—universities, government agencies, businesses, and the media—think tanks exert a tremendous amount of influence on the way citizens and lawmakers perceive the world, unbound by the more clearly defined roles of those other institutions. In the process, they transform the government of this country, the press, and the political role of intellectuals. Timely, succinct, and instructive, this provocative book will force us to rethink our understanding of the drivers of political debate in the United States.

Check it out:


Prof. Kevin Lewis receives ASA award

Prof. Kevin Lewis along with Andreas Wimmer, won the Outstanding Article Award from the Mathematical Sociology Section for the article, “Beyond and Below Racial Homophily: ERG Models of a Friendship Network Documented on Facebook (AJS 2010); and along with Marco Gonzalez and Jason Kaufman, Kevin won an Honorable Mention for the Paper Award from the Communication and Information Technologies Section for the article, “Social Selection and Peer Influence in an Online Social Network” (PNAS 2012).

Stephen Meyers’ blog on Mobilizing Ideas

Check out graduate student Stephen Meyers’  interesting blog on Mobilizing Ideas at  http://mobilizingideas.wordpress.com/author/sjmeyers76/