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Grad students awarded Fulbrights


Both Tricia Wang and Haiyi Liu have been awarded Fulbright Fellowships for their research. Haiyi Liu will be conducting research in China on cross-border marriage between women from China and men from Western countries.    Tricia’s research topic is entitled, Chinese Migrants Families in the Information Age: Intensive Technology and Digital Urbanism. Tricia will be looking at the socio-digital space for new ICT users in Wuhan, China. She’ll be asking how migrant families are appropriating new ICTs and how their ICT practices reflects the ways in which these families are settling in to the city. While most research on migrants have focused mostly on single or coupled migrants who intended to eventually return to their village, Tricia sees a new wave of human mobility within China that points to migrants who move to the city as a family and who intend to stay in the city as a family.

The Fulbright requires that researchers remain in the host country for at least 10 months so both Haiyi and Tricia will be moving to China to conduct their fieldwork. Congrats on the fellowships ladies!

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