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Jodie Lawston published again

Jodie M. Lawston’s latest article is published in the 42nd volume of Sociological Focus. Her article entitled, Managing Organizational Emotions: Framing Feelings of Illegitimacy in the Radical Women’s Prison Movement, examines how activists manage the potentially deleterious emotions that arise in social movement organizations. Using data from a case study of an organization in the contemporary radical women’s prison movement in California, Lawston explores how feelings of illegitimacy are managed and sublimated by activists, during the course of organizational life, to sustain participation in the movement. Drawing on framing theory, she finds that organizational frames serve as mechanisms that manage and focus activists’ feelings, delimit movement strategies, and inspire and legitimate collective action. Lawston also has another book contract from SUNY, this one for an edited volume tentatively titled, Razor Wire Women: Prisoners, Activists, Scholars and Artists. Congratulations again Jodie, now take a break!

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