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Prof. Andy Scull’s paper, “Psychiatry and the Social Sciences in Post War America” in History of Political Economy

Prof. Andy Scull has written a new paper, “Psychiatry and the Social Sciences in Post War America,” to be published in History of Political Economy, 2010. This paper examines the impact of World War II and its aftermath on the mental health sector, and traces the resulting transformations in American psychiatry and the social sciences. It analyzes the growing federal role in funding training and research in the mental health sector, the dominance and decline of psychoanalysis within psychiatry in these years, and the parallel changes that occurred in both academic and clinical psychology, in sociology, and in the field of economics.


Sociology Undergrad Honors student receives prestigious Undergraduate Paper Award

Josephine Pang, an African Studies minor and a Sociology Honors student has received the prestigious Undergraduate Paper Award from the Association of Africanist Anthropology. Professor Ivan Evans and Professor Bennetta Jules-Rosette have served as her mentors. The Undergraduate Paper Award from the Association of Africanist Anthropology will be presented to Josephine Pang for her essay, “A Gendered Critique of Social/Sexual Network: The Case of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and Uganda.” The paper contains a thorough comparative analysis of the role social and cultural networks play in HIV education and prevention. Underlying this comparison rests a thoughtful critique of classical network theory, which Pang rewrites in order to highlight the primacy of “gendered nodes” in the discussion HIV/AIDS. We congratulate Josephine on her excellent essay, which offers significant contributions for both cross-cultural studies of social networks and practical strategies of HIV/AIDS.