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Prof. Rebecca Klatch receives 2009 UCSD Academic Senate Teaching Award

Professor Rebecca Klatch has been named to receive the prestigious Academic Senate Teaching Award for 2009. Congratulation Rebecca!


Lila Sharif wins Friends of International Center Scholarship

Lila Sharif has won a Friends of the International Center Scholarship which will enable her to continue her research on the Palestinian diaspora.
Congratulations Lila!

Professor Martin’s latest book receives accolades from PSA

Professor Isaac Martin’s book, The Permanent Tax Revolt has received honorable mention for the 2009 Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Award of the Pacific Sociological Association. Congratulations!

2009 Summer Grant Faculty-Grad Student Collaborations and Individual Student Projects

The Graduate Program Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2009 summer research stipends for research projects intended to result in the publication of a paper:

Stephanie Chan
The Sanctions Paradox: A Cultural Explanation

Se-Hyun Cho
“Care” as Resistance to Neo-liberalism Feminist Activism and Labor Market Sex Segregation in Korea

Ellis Dillon
The Effect of Personal Exposure to Dying on Beliefs about Withdrawing Medical Treatment

Josh Shapiro and Bud Mehan
Couchsurfing: A Global Ethnography of Transnational Networks, Solidarity, Trust and Resistance

Alper Yalcinkaya
Defining Science, Constructing the “Turkish Nation”, 1870-1950

There were two types of grants available: faculty-student collaboration and individual student projects. There were 19 submissions overall, and only five could be funded at this time. The overall quality of the applications was truly outstanding and the committee was extremely impressed by the excellent projects that are being developed. This made the task of selecting a fraction for funding exceedingly difficult and there were many projects that we would wish to encourage, but for which we were not able to provide funding.

Katie Marker receives NSF grant

Katie Marker has received a dissertation improvement grant from the National Science Foundation Sociology Program for her dissertation titled, “The Role of Religion and Ethnicity in Business Networking”. Isaac Martin is her dissertation chair. Katie’s dissertation explores the influence of religion in business networking in an ethnic economy. For this research, she is conducting 120 interviews with Iraqi, Palestinian, and Lebanese entrepreneurs of Muslim and Christian faiths, who own businesses in Metropolitan Detroit. Her research has also received funding from the Kauffman Foundation and the University of California Labor and Employment Research Fund.