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Former grad student, Colin Ong-Dean’s book published

Former grad student, Colin Ong-Dean’s new book, Distinguishing Disability: Parents, Privilege, and Special Education has just been published by University of Chicago Press. The book offers a detailed overview of how students in special education programs can have widely divergent experiences. For some, special education amounts to a dumping ground where schools unload their problem students, while for others, it provides access to services and accommodations that drastically improve chances of succeeding in school and beyond. Distinguishing Disability argues that this inequity in treatment is directly linked to the disparity in resources possessed by the students’ parents. For more details, go to: http://www.press.uchicago.edu/presssite/metadata.epl?mode=synopsis&bookkey=340682

Tricia Wang receives NSF grant from Office of International Science and Engineering

Tricia Wang has received an NSF grant from the Office of International Science and Engineering for her project: China’s Internet Policy and Digital Network Architecture: Information Communication Technology Practices among Youth and Migrants. She says, “The funding allows me to officially collaborate with the China Internet Network Information Center 中国互联网络信息中心, the Chinese equivalent of the FCC. CNNIC is a government agency that manages all internet communication traffic and policies (including the Great Chinese Internet Firewall).”
Congrats Tricia!

Professor Binder receives two generous research grants

Professor Amy Binder has received two grants in support of her research (Spencer Foundation $38,500; UCSD Academic Senate $14,500) for  her project entitled, “Marginalized on Campus? A Study of Conservative Students on Two ‘Notoriously Liberal’ Universities.”  Congratulations!

Recent grad student, Shehzad Nadeem published in Cultural Sociology

Shehzad Nadeem, a new addition to Lehman College, City University of New York as assistant professor teaching urban sociology and ethnography has recently published in Cultural Sociology. The article is entitled, “Macaulay’s (Cyber) Children: The Cultural Politics of Outsourcing in India.” This article explores how globalization is shaping the aspirations and identities of the Indian middle class and in particular those employed by the outsourcing industry. While these aspirations do not have a clearly defined object, they cluster around an idea of the West as the locus of modernity.The West’s mystique derives, no doubt as it did in the colonial period, from the fact that it is the author of dramatic change. But this also prompts a certain anxiety among the middle class that such change is somehow corrupting. Drawing on in-depth interviews and ethnographic fieldwork in India, he argues that globalization does not herald an era of unprecedented personal freedom, a belated modernity, nor does it signify a crisis of the `traditional’ Indian family. It is an Indian morality play where the pleasure principle clashes with the demands of custom and obligation, where kama (pleasure) and dharma (duty) meet in uneasy suspension. To read the full article go to http://cus.sagepub.com

Recent grad student, Shehzad Nadeem accepts assistant professorship

Congratulations to Shehzad Nadeem, who has accepted a tenure track job at Lehman College, City University of New York. Shehzad will be teaching urban sociology and ethnography. For his dissertation, “Dead Ringers: Globalization and the Paradoxes of Development and Identity,” Shehzad collected ethnographic and interview data in India and the U.S. to investigate the causes and consequences of international outsourcing. His dissertation advisor is John Skrentny.

Haiyi Liu awarded for ‘China’s Email Order Bride’ project

Haiyi Liu has been awarded a UC Pacific Rim Research Program Mini Grant (PRRP) as well as the Dean of Social Sciences Travel Award for her project ‘China’s Email Order Bride Phenomenon.’

Congratulations Haiyi, and good luck with the project!