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Prof. Amy Binder’s latest research project – conservative college student activism

Professor Amy Binder is studying conservative college student politics and activism on two university campuses, both of which are seen by many to be notoriously liberal.  Professor Binder’s research interests include conservative students’ experiences in the classroom, the internal and external organizations they belong to, the activities they support on campus, their internships and career trajectories, and their critiques of their campus and the academic enterprise at large.

One of Professor Binder’s interview respondents early this summer was Adam Brickley, who as a college sophomore two years ago started the Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President campaign. She has interviewed, or will interview later this fall, many other students, faculty, and organizational leaders who are concerned about the liberal climate on college campuses and in the broader body politic, including leaders of Students for Academic Freedom, College Republicans, Young America’s Foundation, the Leadership Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, Concealed Carry on Campus, True Love Revolution (a student organization for abstinence), the Independence Institute in Colorado, and people who have worked/are working on the anti-affirmative action bills Prop 209 (California) and Prop 46 (Colorado).

Professor Binder gives a shout-out to all the students at UCSD who agreed to do pilot interviews with her two years ago to get the project underway. If there are any current sociology students who would be interested in working with Professor Binder on this project in a research capacity, please be in touch with her at abinder@ucsd.edu