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Summer Research Stipends awarded


The Graduate Program Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of summer research stipends for research projects intended to result in the publication of a paper.  This program is designed to help develop student research skills, writing experience (for both grants and journals), and professionalism.  There were two types of grants available this year: faculty-student collaboration and individual student projects.  Congratulations to all the recipients! (Feb ’08)

Steven Epstein &  April Huff       
Sex and the Biopolitics of Vaccination: The Case of Gardasil

Yusuke Mazumi     
Divergent Returns on Human Capital of Mexican Immigrant Workers: The Effect of Contexts of Reception of Traditional and New Destinations

Katherine Kenny   
Educating consumers vs. Dissuading Addicts: The Development of Cigarette Warning Labels in the Unites States and Australia

Erin Cech & Mary Blair-Loy        
Viewing the Glass Ceiling from Above: Ideologies of Meritocracy and Gendered BarriersAmong High-Level Women in Science and Technology Fields

Jeff Haydu & David Kadanoff     
A Test of Theories of New Social Movements and Consumption Politics

Jeff Lundy               
How to Measure Changing Fortunes: A new tool for studying economic inequality

Kevin Moseby        
HIV/AIDS Prevention Research: Theoretical Models and Conceptions of African Americans’ Culture, Community, and Race

Raquel Jacob-Almeida     
A Boy Crisis? The Politics of Representing Boys as Academically Disadvantaged

Katie Marker           
The Limitations of Transnationalism

Eric Van Rite          
Safety Culture from the Flight Deck to the Hospital:
Aviation Safety Reporting as a Model for Patient Safety


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